Inzomia Viewer 3.11
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Inzomia Viewer 3.11

Free Uploads, views, and zooms various image files
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Free   1.1 MB

Work with multiple images in a gallery and view them without waiting for the complete file upload. A zooming mode is available when viewing a selected file while silent preloading is enabled for the next file in the gallery. Thumbnailed image playlists are created with batch settings application.

Inzomia image viewer 3 is a very fast free zooming image viewer that will allow you to spend more time viewing pictures and less time waiting.
Stop waiting for images to load, the inzomia image viewer prepares the next image in the background as you are viewing.

Use all the screenspace for your images not a user interface. The inzomia image viewer has fullscreen mode and a number of layouts for different types of work. This allow you to use as much of your computer screen as possible for what is important.

Save time by viewing zip and rar image archives directly without the need to first extract the image files including comic books in cbz and cbr format.

Organize and manage your digital photo collection with ease using thumbnailed image playlists that remembers zoom and rotatation.

Thumbnailed image playlists that remembers zoom and rotatation.

View playlists vwith captured video frames created by

Build buisness solutions with a professional image viewer.

The Inzomia image viewer is available in two versions, one for comercial use and one free for non commerical use. No version of the inzomia image viewer contain spyware, adware or other third party software.


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